Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WIAW (cleanse time!)

So I am on a cleanse.

This is not an I-wanna-get-skinny cleanse. It is a marathons-give-me-unrealistic-expectations-about-food cleanse. I want to reset my tastebuds in time for the holidays :)

If you are just stopping in, let me help you catch up!

- I ran the Chicago Marathon about a week and a half ago. And got a PR!
- I got engaged and am THRILLED.

Back to the cleanse. AR and I decided we would do this together about a month ago while eating pancakes and drinking sugary lattes. Our bodies needed a recharge. Sometimes, in an effort to increase my calories, I reach for bad things. Like cheese and sugary treats. And it isn't like it makes me gain weight, but it doesn't leave my body feeling strong.

So, the rules of the cleanse:
- no meat (we are doing seafood though)
- no dairy
- no refined sugar
- no white flour
- no alcohol (except wine. because duh.)
... for 21 days. 

Why the seafood? Because AR's travel schedule means he eats out every meal, M-Th. He needed more option.

Here are snapshots of our meals:

Homemade Cinnamon Pecan Granola (I tried a new recipe from Deliciously Ella and LOVE it! I left out the raisins, but otherwise followed this recipe). We are enjoying it with coconut "yogurt", fruit, and almond milk.

Eggs. LOTS of scrambled eggs with veggies in them. Usually enjoyed with toast and/or fruit.

Pumpkin oatmeal. I add a half of a cup of pumpkin puree to my water and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, I add the oats, chia seeds, and pumpkin pie spice. Sooo yummy.

Out: On Sunday, we went out and I had whole wheat pancakes with real maple syrup and scrambled eggs.

Morning Snacks
Lots of Arden's Garden juices, teas, and sometimes crackers.

Salads with veggies burgers

I made a kale salad with thick avocado dressing. For the dressing, I blended half of an avocado, 2 Tbs of rice wine vinegar, 2 Tbs of olive oil, salt & pepper. I tossed it with chopped veggies and kale. Yumm.

Vegetable soup with crackers

Veggies and hummus, wrapped in a whole grain tortilla

Afternoon snacks
Vega protein shakes. These are a LIFESAVER. the powder is expensive, but so worth it. I mix it with almond milk, ice, and a banana. Each scoop has 15g of protein, half of your days vitamins, and 3 servings of green vegetables! It is a little pricey, but when calculated out by each shake, it costs no more than a almond milk latte at the coffee shop!

More veggies and hummus

Apples/Clementines/Berries. Sometimes with nut butter :)

Nuts (usually pecans or almonds)

Homemade Chickpea Curry Burgers (this recipe), served with sweet potato fries and steam kale.

Shrimp creole with brown rice and broccoli. AR made this over the weekend while I studied and it was yummy!

Baked potato stuffed with roasted mushrooms, broccoli, and pepper. Topped with Smart Balance (a god sent).

Out: Baked salmon with roasted vegetables

The results: 

How do I feel? Great. Fruit seems so much sweeter and I am doing a better job of thinking of creative options for meals. AR still feels a little hungry, so we need to find more snack options for him.

What about the no sugar? I miss sweets. I want some chocolate SO badly I could scream. But it is okay. We all know I am a sweets-freak, so this is good for me.

How much longer do I have? Today is day 9, so I have 12 days left!

Linking up with Jenn for some What I Ate Wednesday fun - thanks Jenn!



  1. I agree- especially after a big race (congrats btw) my body/mind feels like it needs a reset
    Vega is totally worth the extra cash - it's the best vegan protein around

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. This is awesome!! I'll be interested in hearing how you feel when you're done!


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