Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Confessional!

Happy Weekend lovelies! I am so excited that it is finally Friday. This weekend is special for several reasons :)

Lets get too it with Ms. Leslie's Friday linkup!

1. I confess that... I am going to Chicago this weekend and will see my family for the first time since MARCH! I should be ashamed of how long it had been. Between summer work schedules and school, I just didn't have a lot of time off. I cannot wait to see them.

2. I confess that.... I am running my third marathon this weekend. Chicago Marathon, here I come! I am hoping for amazing weather and a great day in terms of pace, but who knows. I still have a pretty bad cold, so let's pray that I heal up by Sunday.
I do have a pretty fantastic race outfit picked out, and that is really what matters. 
(Follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up to date with all my race news this weekend!! User name: hrw1126)

3. I confess that... I become obsessive when I have a cold. Hot tea, chicken noodle soup, tons of sleep, fresh juices... you name it, I do it. I've looked like a crazy all week at campus, clutching mugs of tea, bottles of water, and bottles of Arden's Garden pressed juices. But you know what? I am so much better than I was on Tuesday! #miracleshappen

4. I confess that... I am watching like 6 items on eBay right now. My friend is an eBay fein and she has got me hooked. I'm eyeing a faux fur vest, some coats, and booties. Are you an eBay shopper? Or is it too risky for you? She gets amazing deals, so I am inspired to try, but a little concerned. I've only ever purchased books on there before.

5. I confess that... I am about to bite the bullet and try the Bare Minerals liquid foundation. Have you tried it? Everyone says it is amazing and I am in the market for a new foundation. I don't wear foundation on a daily basis, but I would like a lighter option to wear from time to time. Do you use any of their products?

The lady at Ulta told me to avoid the liquid foundation because it had coconut oil (which makes some people break out), but the ad says "no oil". Someone is lying to me.

Have an awesome weekend!

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