Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marathon training - 1 week out!

Race week is hereeeee!

It is Tuesday and I am happily rocking the taper this week.

Unfortunately, I am also rocking a serious cold. It started on Friday and has continued to get worse. The Chicago Marathon is still 5 days away, so hopefully I can heal up before then. I chugging gallons of fresh juices and getting lots of rest until then!

Last week was a pretty easy in terms of training:

M - rest
T - 4 miles
W - 5 miles
Th - 4 miles
F - rest.... and sick
S - 3 miles at the park with a trip to the farmers market, for a total of 5!

On Saturday, I began to develop a serious concern about the weather in Chicago... so we headed to the mall for some extra gear. Macy's had an amazing sale on Nike and I grabbed some leggings, a long-sleeved top, a jacket, a skirt, and a sports bra (for $5!). Clearly I don't plan on wearing these all for the race... but it was a good sale ;)

S - 8 miles. We didn't run until late afternoon and I insisted on wearing my new shirt and some leggings to test it out for race day. It was clearly too hot for me to be dressed like that, but oh well! This was an awesome run and my legs felt strong, despite the fact that my cold is getting progressively worse. I may not be able to breathe or swallow, but my legs can move!

This week I am continuing to taper and enjoyed a 3 mile run before the sun rose this morning. I woke up feeling the worst and seriously groggy because I took medicine before bed, but the run cleared my senses :)

I have a stack of clothes on the sofa in my room that I plan to pack. We are staying across the street from the start/finish, so I am relieved to be able to shower right after the race - and stay warm and inside before it starts!

On a positive note, the weather for the marathon seems to have cleared up! It should be between 49-55 while I am running and *maybe* clear skies. I could not ask for any better. Now if only my cold would do the same!

Does anyone else start planning their race outfits well in advance? 


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