Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reading, Wearing, Eating, Watching, etc!

Good morning! How is your Tuesday shaking out? I'm working on school and wedding fun today before heading to class in a bit, but I wanted to jump in and say hi. I love when these updates float around blogland, so I though I would participate too!

Reading: I just finished Sleigh Bells by Beth Albright, which was book three in her Sassy Belles series. LOVE this series. So cute and fun, with just enough mystery and romance. The stories are based in Alabama and full of southern charm.

I am also reading fascinating things for law school. I am working on a 40 page brief on lethal injections and the Eight Amendment right now, so that reading it fantastic (not. more like gruesome.).

Watching: AR wanted to start watching Breaking Bad, so we started about two weeks ago. We are the worst at watching shows - we are 4 episodes in. Frankly, I don't love the show. It is interesting, but kind of sad for me. I am just waiting for Nashville to come back. Anyone else?

Eating: So many juices. For some reason, I have been craving fresh juices. I love Arden's Garden here in ATL. Yesterday I had their Apple-Pineapple-Ginger and today I am taking their Yoga 1 as a snack. The Yoga1 is full of kale and spinach goodness, plus pineapple juice to balance out the bitterness.

I've been making tons of soups in the last week or so too (check out my Chicken and Wild Rice slow cooker recipe here). Apparently I am just craving liquids. Tonight I am working on a blended lentil soup... I'll let you know how it goes.

Running: slow and steady. I did 6 on Sunday and almost 4 this morning. I am trying to work a bit more on pace right now because I am running a 10k in a few weeks. This is my first race under 10 miles in over a year!! <-- distance junky for sure.

Enjoying: Wedding planning! Scheduling tastings right now, which might be the best part of wedding planning :)

What have you been up to? 


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  1. Great job on the running lady! Keep after it!


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