Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIAW: Day in the Life

Hello all! Today I am sharing a bit of my life with my WIAW post. I wanted to share a typical school day for me to show you my glamorous law school life. Kidding. Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

6am - Wake-up! Head to the gym by 6:15 with AR. I ran just under 4 miles and did about 25 minutes of yoga and stretching.
Confession: This is a photo from today's workout. I forgot to snap a picture at the gym yesterday. #bloggerfail

7:30am - Back home from the gym. I start prepping breakfast. The menu? scrambled eggs on wheat toast topped with avocado, s&p, and parmesan. Served with lots of coffee and tangerines. I am so obsessed with these.

7:50am - eat, drink coffee, catch up on blogs and news reading.

8:30am - Still drinking coffee, I showered and dressed for the day.

9am - Study! I worked on my Legal Professions course and completed the readings for the class, as well as reviewing my notes from another class.

10:30am - Made some calls for the wedding and booked a hotel block and a suite for the wedding night!

11:15am - Head to class. In classes for a while :) During class, I ate a yogurt, banana, and pb packet.
Upside down! Side note: I buy these pb packs on Amazon and it is SO much cheaper.

3pm - Escape the school and run to Marshalls for a quick return. Grab a small soy latte with a friend at school on my way out. I somehow manages to escape Marshalls without buying ANYTHING which is a complete miracle. I also said to to the Sally's Beauty Supply store next door. So much self control.

3:15pm - Home and starving! I whipped up a big salad, but couldn't make up my mind on dressing. I drizzled a little leftover greek dressing and added a massive scoop of hummus. I was craving carbs like no other, so I and some toast on the side!

3:15pm - While eating, I studied. I had 2 classes to read for and lots of review to do. I ended up snacking on some golden raisins while studying because I was wanting something sweet. FYI, raisins are not chocolate chips. But I am trying :)

7pm - Finally finished studying. I started dinner. Tonight's menu: curried lentil soup and wheat drop biscuits. I use the word recipe loosely. I just browned onion and green bell pepper in some olive oil, then added dry lentils, broth, curry powder, and garam masala. I brought this to a boil, added a TON of kale, and let it cook until soft. Then, I blended the whole thing with my immersion blender. You can find my drop biscuit recipe here.

7:45pm - AR gets home! We eat and catch up on the day and eat dinner together. He does the dishes :)

8:45pm - We settle in to watch the State of the Union. We contemplate making it a drinking game, but go for tea instead.
We also folded massive amounts of workout clothes while watching the SOTU. Exciting times. 
10:15pm - Bed time. Sweet dreams!

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