Friday, January 23, 2015

Linking up with Miss Leslie from A Blonde Ambition this morning for some Friday Confessions!

I confess... that I studied until 10pm last night and then immediately went to bed. My tea were still sitting at my desk this morning - I was too exhausted to put anything away. For some reason, this week has killed me.

I confess... reading catering proposals for our wedding (proposal + venue) is my new favorite thing. SO many YUMMY things! We are doing a tasting Sunday, two Tuesday, and one Thursday. Bring on the leggings and awesome food. Then we have cake tastings to schedule. Do you think I can request a cocktail tasting? Is that too much? ;)

I confess.. that I am not the planner in AR & I's relationship. So thankful to have a man who says "I got us tickets to a tapas and drinks event at the aquarium tonight. I'll come get you at six." Almost 4 years in to our relationship, and he still plans out dates. Love him :) (And so excited about sipping wine with all the fish tonight, haha).

I confess... that I did not meal plan before grocery shopping last Saturday and it is a hot. mess. Who knows what I bought because my refrigerator only has yogurt, cheese, 1 egg, and some carrots in it. I am even drinking my coffee black right now, a sure sign that things are bad. I've been living off vega nutrition shakes and the frozen bananas in my freezer.

I confess... I made dress shopping appointments for my mother's visit next month. Lets hope I find the one! I had a blast last week trying on dresses with my girlfriends and they really helped me narrow down what I want.

Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Dress shopping is so much fun! I miss wedding planning.


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