Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekending {4/20}

Hello Monday! 

I've been a bad blogger lately... with all this finals prep, there just hasn't been much to share. I have a hundred and ten recipes to blog about and lots of fun wedding prep to update, but it will have to wait. I finish finals on April 29th, so let the countdown begin!

On to the weekend...

Which started with a super late Thursday (or very early Friday?) study session at the library. Complete with cake pops and Zoe's hummus because thats how we roll. 

On Friday, I studied late and AR worked late. We had plans to finish our wedding registry, but it just didn't happen. If you are coming to the wedding, please just bring cake pops :)

Friday dinner was a night at Flip Burger. I had a turkey burger. For dessert, I ordered a nutella milkshake topped with TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS. Oh my gosh, it was so so good. I had plans to share with AR, but I would say he got 3 good sips. Maybe. Of course, I carried it home with me to drink while I watched this week's Nashville episode. 

Saturday morning was perfect... even if it was the weekend before finals. We woke up early and headed to the farmers market for fresh veggies, coffee, and these adorable biscuit sandwiches. Mine was filled with an egg and spinach omelet and a slice of sharp cheese. 

AR's had pimento cheese and thick-cut bacon. I ate about half of mine before I was stuffed, but it was amazing. Check out Boom Biscuits if you are in Atlanta!

Of course, we grabbed TONS of fresh veggies: turnips, sweet potatoes, rainbow chard, and baby kale.

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Thanks for hosting BLovedBoston & Champagne&Suburbs!

Best milkshake flavor? 


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  1. Farmers Markets are perfect for sunday mornings! I have a bunch of fresh rainbow chard in my fridge right now that I just got - Im thinking of pickling the stems thanks to pinterest :)


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