Monday, July 14, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 6

It is Monday!

Today went by amazingly fast, but that could be because I was half asleep for the whole thing ;) Anyways, I am recaping last week's marathon training. You can find my whole training plan here.

Monday: (cross-training) Barre3. This was my second class and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the class, though I worry about the heavy leg work. My legs get so so sore, but the workout is incredible.

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 3 miles. My run got rained out about a mile in. I went home, changed clothes, and grabbed another Barre3 class with some friends. The class was my hardest yet! To make it even better, it was an 80's themed day, so we all looked fabulous :P

Friday: Rest!!! (work, amazing dinner with friends, lots of wine).

Saturday: 5 mile run, 2 mile walk. AR and I ran 5 miles together at the gym while watching A League of Their Own, then walked a mile to breakfast and a mile back home.

Sunday: 12 miles. This was a rough one. Last week's 11 miles were perfect, but this week was rough. Perhaps it was the warmer/sunnier weather, maybe it was the later start... who knows. But we made it!

After running, we made grits and turkey bacon. A few hours later, I grabbed a meal with several girlfriends from school. We had such a wonderful time. I enjoyed a half order of french toast, fruit, and an iced latte. So much fun girl time.

Next Week: Looking forward to a shorter week. Next weekend has a 6 mile pace run and a 9 mile long run. My legs are really suffering from the double weekend runs, so I am excited for the lighter week :) (not gonna think about the 14 miles the following week).

Sunday night treat: peaches, strawberries, and lots of fresh whipped cream! 
Hope your weekend was awesome! 


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